Excited to be here!  


Sherrie Roderick is a professional writer with a background in real estate and business. She enjoys helping others build their business through providing quality content that moves people to action!

Sherrie has owned and operated several small businesses in the past. As a result, she understands the complexities involved in the day-to-day operations. With over two decades of experience in business, combined with a passion for writing,  she has a very specific goal in mind; to combine her experiences and passions together into writing and creating content that will help others in their journey.

On a more personal note; a few years ago, she found herself feeling it was time to make a change. So, after talking with friends and family, she decided to leave her home in Oklahoma and relocate to South Florida. With conviction and enthusiasm, she sold everything and headed south.  Finding herself in a U-Haul truck, together with her little dog, they started on their two-day journey.

Fast forward a few years. Happily, Sherrie eventually got over the culture shock and has adjusted to the Florida lifestyle. This adventure wasn’t easy, and she can say without a doubt, she understands what it means to start over!

Sherrie approaches each day with an appreciation for many things, most of all, having an opportunity to write for others. This work has been a lifelong dream for her. Sherrie is committed to delivering quality content and consistently brings her best to every project.